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Products info:Intelligent management platform, universal matrix, hd editor yards machines etc
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Beijing Vorx Telecommunication co., ltd. was registered as a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone in February, 2001.

Vorx Telecommunication is a leading system solution provider in public security and video surveillance industry. From the very beginning, we specialized in research and development of security & safety surveillance technology, and the design of system solutions. Relying on deep understanding of customer needs, our R&D capabilities and marketing abilities, we continuously introduces new products, such as video optic-fiber transceivers, XG digital switch matrix and VS-iEye software management platform, which made us a leader in the video surveillance industry. With years of experiences, we developed from a video equipment supplier to system solution provider in public security industry.

The public security information management system solution provided by the Vorx telecommunication, utilizes the technologies such as platform software, optic fiber telecommunication, IP telecommunication, 3G network, satellite telecommunication, internet of thing, etc. The solutions can be implemented on Emergency Response System, Safety Production Management System, Digital Urban Management, Counter-terrorism Response System, Special Place Synthetic Surveillance System, Public traffic Security System, Urban Synthetic Surveillance System, Environment and Climate Surveillance System, Linkage Control System of Fire Protection, etc.

The video optic products and solutions from Vorx telecommunication have already been used on many regions such as high-way, urban security and safety, railway, petroleum and petrochemical industry, military, electric power system, finance, etc. In addition, these solutions are also appreciated by the market and the customers.

The philosophy of Vorx Telecommunication is “Integrity”, ”Innovation”, “Open” and “Co-operation”. We are honest and reliable; we are creative and practical; we are compatible and magnanimous; we are co-developed and double-win. The goal of our enterprise is to realize social worth, customer worth and self-worth.