Company: Acsys Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Police Equipment
Products info:High security electronic keys, High security wireless mechatronic locks, Access control management system software.
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Contact address: Room 5-D1, Hua Ke Building, Oriental High-Tech Park , Qiaoxiang Road, Nanshan District
company phone: 0755-83427536
Company Introduction:
The Acsys Technologies Company is specialized in Wireless Access Control System, including high security electronic keys, high security wireless mechatronic locks, management system software. Acsys technology was invented by a construction company active in the residential market in the middle-east in 1996. After various market studies, the concept of the "mecatronic lock" was launched and patented worldwide in 1999. Two renowned French military equipment manufacturers, namely Manurhin Defense and Ghiat Industries were commissioned to design the product as it is known today, effectively making the Acsys solution a 'military grade' technology. After various internal and external tests and field validations, the product was launched in the french market in 2001. In 2004, the decision was made to transfer the production and know how to china where the products reliability, endurance, features and scope were greatly increased, on top of providing Acsys a competitive edge by taking advantage of a proportionally lower cost of manufacturing. Since 2006 Acsys has been marketing the current version of Acsyslock on the European and African continent as well as deploying its solutions with success throughout the Middle-East. In 2008, and based on the market demand, Acsys gradually changed its market focus from government related customers to offer its solutions to a wider scope of end-users ranging from large corporations (car manufacturers/mobile phone operators) to SME's in need of a dependable 24/7 high security access control systems. Starting in 2011, Acsys entered the Chinese market, as sole provider of "mecatronic" locks with as strategy to become market leader in that field in the coming years.