Company: Fuzhou Senview Photoelectric Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance
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Contact address: Zonghe BLDG. No.15 Beihuan East RD. JINAN Distric,Fuzhou,Fujian,China
company phone: 0591-38121687
Company Introduction:
Fuzhou Senview Photoelectric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 with registered capital USD$50,000.00. As high-tech enterprises we specialize in R&D, production and system integration of security products. Senview provide high-tech and high-quality digital video transmission control products to Society in various fields

As one of the biggest security product manufacturer located China, we make more than 50 million optical lenses and more than 100,000 CCD cameras annually. Our products exported to the United States, European Union, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, more than 40 countries and regions in all.

Our products line includes CCTV lens, CCD Cameras, DVR, Network Video servers, DVR card, matrix and embedded paparazzi instrument etc. Through our technological innovation and brand intellectual property protection system, we obtained 11 patents, our "MT-YPY003" Super low Illumination High-Resolution Color Cameras win the support of National High-tech SMEs Technological Innovation Fund ,in the meantime we got the third of Fuzhou Annual Scientific and Technological Progress Prize in 2008. “Senview “trademark was named the Fujian Famous Brand.

Integrated, Industry-based
According to industry needs and our in-depth research, combining the characteristics of product lines, functional implementation of the method, with software and hardware systems, will be the integration in the "Public Safety Senview Management Platform" for vast number of projects to provide one-stop services. Providing the industry with overall solution from fore-end to backstage, from hardware to software to meet the unique needs of various sectors. Including the intelligence, city safety monitoring system, educational video surveillance systems, video surveillance system for chain enterprises, government, military, public security video surveillance system, four major categories of 17 Products system in all. For “Construction Safety City”, our security video surveillance systems, Intelligent Transportation Video Surveillance System, had successfully applied in Fujian Jianou, Jianyang, Shaowu city and other places; In education, the formation of our children including child care security video surveillance systems, electronic test video surveillance systems, campus security systems, video surveillance; In the commercial premises, we have net-bar video surveillance systems, industrial and mining enterprises video surveillance systems, video surveillance system for tourist attractions, business, supermarket video surveillance systems, gas station video surveillance system solutions; in the government sector, we designed a prison supervisor video monitoring system, water conservancy, power remote video surveillance system, railway, subway video surveillance systems, telecommunications base stations, video surveillance systems, video surveillance of financial security systems, video surveillance system for monitoring environmental protection, the Central Weather Bureau Station Video Surveillance System series of programs, and differences in market segmentation strategy based on the Products covered in the community, had been widely used.

Develop scale
After 6 years of development, both assets scale and income from sales of products have had quite great rise , Senview have become one of the leading enterprise in Fujian Province. We are not only the camera-based optoelectronic manufacturer, but also a intelligent systems engineering constructioner(Fuzhou IpCrown Digital Co., Ltd..), GPS satellite positioning system manufacturer(Fujian Tianjian Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, and a optical lenses manufacturer(Jianou Senview Optical Co., Ltd.), and assorted set of enterprise about security products, including R & D, production, marketing, systems integration’s enterprise agencies.

Company Milestones
In 2003, passed the EU CE certification and ROHS certification.
In 2005, classfied by Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. as the quality Chinese supplier.
In 2005, passed the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification.
2006, "Senview" brand won the "Chinese famous brand" named by the China Association of the Development of International Brands, Chinese Brand Enterprises United Development Association
In 2006 become member of China CSPIA
In 2006, together with the Northern Fujian Province Economic Development Zone to build China’s largest security industrial park, became the first to join in business and the largest security investment industrial park operators.
In 2006, won the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Agency’s "High-Tech Enterprise" identified.
In 2007, was named vice chairman of the the Fujian Provincial Security Industry Association,; SENVIEW become a famous Chinese security brands.
In 2007, significant achievements have been made in the “City Safety System”, completed a safety system in Jianou, Jianyang and Shaowu cit, expandin