Company: Foshan Nanhai Anling Precise Mentallic Products Co., Ltd.
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Products info:CCD camera housing,net camera housing,camera casing、camera stand
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company phone: 0755-82585870
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Foshan Nanhai Anling precise Mentallic Products is specialized manufaturer of all kinds of products including CCD camera housing,net camera housing,camera casing and so on.The key products are red infra water proof housing ,anti- explosive housing,mini camera,rear view camera and so on.
Our factary has a lot of equitment including material pocessing,hydraulic arc sawing machine ,hot chamber die casting machine ,cold chamber die casting machine,CNC control machine,punching machine,oil paint machine,color machine and so on.We also can make the products which you want for you and develop all kinds of housing for free.We hope that we can cooperate with you and has a win-win situation in the end.
" Our factory ' bussiness theroy is having high quality and fair price,and we expect that we can work with you to achieve mutually beneficial.Thank you!