Company: Fujian Quanzhou Haibin GFRP Products Factory Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Police Equipment
Products info:防暴头盔、防暴盾牌、防暴警棍等防暴系列产品。
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company phone: 0595-22103598
Company Introduction:
Fujian Quanzhou Haibin Glass Fibre Reinforce Product Factory is founded in 1985. It is an enterprise operating on shareholding system. We are one of the earliest and largest manufacturer which specialize in producing anti-riot helmet, anti-riot shield, baton, lifeboat, appliance bag for military and police.
Our factory attach great importance to the innovation, R&D, and design of products and technology. Since 1985,we have researched, designed, and developed more than 100 varieties in 13 series, including motocycle helmet, anti-riot appliances, lifeboat, life jacket, and training devices for military, police, and civilian.
Since being founded ,we have kept being awarded as the honor enterprise with the title of “Valuing Contracts and Keeping Promises” and “Provincial Advanced Enterprise” every year. Besides, we have also acquired various certifications as follows:
2002.05 ISO9001:2000
2005.04 ISO9001:2000(reissue)
2006.09 Level 3 confidentiality certification
2007.01 Defence production manufacturing and reaserching license
2007.12 Designated individual police appliances manufacturer of Ministry of Public Security
2008.06 GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008; Certificate of conformity of quality system certification of military product supplier: GJB9001A-2001
2008.10 Designated product supplier of the General Armaments Department
2010.05 GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008(reissue); GJB9001A-2009 (reissue)
With the assistance of the stationed representative of military, we believe that, all the Fujian Quanzhou Haibin GFRP Factory’s members will persist in the spirit of enterprise and the operation principle: “Civilization, Credit, Innovation, Efficiency, Tolerance, Trust, Sincerity, and Equality”. For our country’s stability and the social security, we will endeavor to provide greater contribution to the military, the armed police, and the Ministry of Public Security.