Company: NSK(Shenzhen)Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Building Intercom,Smart Home
Products info:video doorphone
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company phone: 0755-33262797
Company Introduction:
NSK (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd
“NSK” is a Shenzhen based Chinese manufacturing company with R&D and marketing departments. We have been focusing on VIDEO DOORPHONE SYSTEM and VIDEO ENTRY SYSTEMS for last 7 years, and following systems had been launched and marketed successfully:
1. CX system: Four wire, “Start” Connection;
2. NCX system: Four wire, “Distributor Bus” Connection;
3. NTW system: Two wire, “Repeater Bus” Connection;
4. PBX system: PBX switch + Video distributor Bu connection;
5. DWL system: Digital wireless ,2.4G;
6. IP system: IP routing.

NSK Product Line
Be based on video doorphone system and spread on both horizontal and vertical directions.
Horizontal: To supply all main stream video doorphone, video entry systems to global market as step one, then integrate a total security system with NSK software based on IP. This system will cover: Video Entry, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm, Intercom, and Home Intelligence etc...
Vertical development: To make NSK products specialized, intensified and modularized.
NSK Marketing Policies
1 Pursue market share , not unit price;
2 Rely on partners on global market, not diversified from development and production;
3 Focus on long-term brand reputation, not short period popularity.
NSK Market Achievements
1 In the last six years, the annual growth of sales is never less than 100%.
2 In 2009, we produced and sold 400,000 units, achieved 3% of the global market.
3 In 2010, we produced and sold 600,000 units, 5% of global market.
NSK Core Competences
1 Our continuously growing research and development department;
2 Our continuously growing production department;
3 Our continuously growing marketing partner;
4 Our continuously growing supplier resources;
5 Our unshakeable faith: No pain, no gain.