Company: Star Optical Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance
Products info:optical lens(applied in Digital Cameras 、Digital Camcorders、Digital Image Mobile Phones、PC Cameras、WEB Cameras、 Surveillance Systems、Projector、Scanners、Video Conference、Visible Doorbell、Baby Monitor and etc .)
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company phone: 0755-27675494 29709417
Homepage: http://WWW.STAR-OPTICAL.NET
Company Introduction:
STAR  OPTICAL  (SZ)  CO.,  LTD., founded
in  2004 is  a  Taiwanese invested  optical  company.
We are a professional optical lens design and
manufacturing supplier. Our products are mainly
applied in Digital Cameras 、Digital Camcorders、
Digital Image Mobile Phones、PC Cameras、
WEB Cameras、 Surveillance Systems、 Projector、
Scanners、Video Conference、Visible Doorbell、
Baby Monitor and etc .

We employ more than 600 people, and our total factory area is over 15,000 m².We have advanced optical lens precision instruments and high-precision automatic production equipment.
Our company has glass lenses processing center, plastic lens ejection center, rear seat tube and other black material ejection molding center , lens coating center, clean lens assembly center of thousand and hundred grade and more than ten automatic assembly lines. We have developed a professional business management system integrated with technologies in optical、 automatic machinery、material and injected plastic moulds.
We have the capacity in design 、 assembly、 production 、quality control and marketing. We also hold product seminars from time to time to improve our research ability.

With an excellent team and powerful production capacity, we shall achieve perpetual operation and create a wide range of product markets by steadily stepping and honoring the creed of quality、 professionalism 、 efficiency and innovation.