Company: Delta GroupTech(China)Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Display Device
Products info:Frameless and joint-free screen design; excellent display and control functionalities; a perfect combination of technology, integration, engineering and services.
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Contact address: No.238,Minxia Rd.,Pudong Dist.,ShangHai
company phone: 021-58635678#5525
Company Introduction:
Delta GreenTech (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has kept a compound annual growth rate of 30.7% since its commencement. We provide our clients of mission-critical industries with highly efficient and reliable products, solutions and services in the areas of power, display, industrial automation and energy management. The company also occupies top3 position in the market of telecom power nationwide and has been the leading provider of digital visual display and industrial automation.
Given an in-depth understanding of the operating environment of our clients, we integrate the advanced engineering and technologies in power electronics of the Delta Group and its products together with outsourced top performing products worldwide to develop tailor-made solutions that best answer client’s needs, and thereby help to strengthen their competitiveness. Adhering to the mission of “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, Delta Greentech became strategic partner of China Mobile’s Green Action Program and has implemented several landmark projects of renewable energy, emission reduction and building energy conservation.
To serve the uninterrupted operation demand of our clients, Delta GreenTech has set up a service network in mainland China including 48 branch offices, 74 technical service hubs and 12 repairing workshops. Our technical service team is well-trained to provide customized and all-round sales service and guaranteed quality of after sales service.
Through more than 20 years of exploring and cultivation in the market, by the effort of approximately 1,500 employees, Delta GreenTech made the RMB 3. 1 billion turnover in 2014. In close collaboration with our clients, we are dedicated to pursuing of innovation and development that create a smarter and greener world - together.
Delta GreenTech–Your Trusted Partner!