Company: ChinaChengDu HuaMai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Smart Home,Integrated Management Platform,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:IP-Camera constant speed IP-camera like gun Globose IP-camera DVS NVS
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Contact address: Sichuan Province, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park C10-6
company phone: 028-86030888
Company Introduction:
ChengDu HuaMai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is China’s leading provider for Civil IP Camera and Remote Surveillance System; it provides cutting edge product and solution forhousehold and enterprises that possess chain nature, regulatory nature and demonstration naturethroughout the world.
HuaMai Communication is located at the National 863 Software Industry and Information Security Base. National authorized software industry and new high-tech enterprise as well as Technology Innovation Enterprise, which received special support from ChengDu.“customer-oriented, technology-centred” is the strategy since the company began, and it attracting a group of technicians from national famous university and market of communication industry, the company has the leading technology and the sustainable development ability, obtaining numerous top one position in its class, and also has proprietary intellectual property
rights for all products this company has designed.
After many years of study upon the development situation of IP Camera and Pre-research project, the company discovered a very optimistic prospect for IP Camera and related product to entering the Civil market, together with the technological accumulation in communications industry, network protocol, Transmission and large amount of customer service experience, we preliminarily invested 12 million to launch this development project.
HuaMai communication designed software and hardware specifically for its “See1000\" Ip Camera product. The company is able to provide products and solution for all customers; in addition, Technology Licensing and OEM services are available for the public. So far the company has cooperated with many major domestic communications enterprise, to significantly enlarge the amount of user of broadband and 3G through“See1000”For the traditional customers, the ability. of chain and demonstration necessary for the industry management is enhanced as well as industry’s soft power. The “See1000” has specialty of can-operate, simple, practical and low cost, to completely solve problems such as not user friendly, complicated installation and high dependence of current Ip camera on the internet. It has become the preferred brand in this country in IP Camera industry.
HuaMai communications has regarded “Simpler IP Camera, Leading Civil Market!” as the industry vision; With the business philosophy of ”open, cooperation, professional and persistent, we hope to make the remote video communication simpler, each of you then will be “Clairvoyance” through our hard working effort.