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Building Electrical&Intelligent System Magazine

Building Electrical&Intelligent System (Monthly publication) is a competent brand media in the building electrical industry. By pursuing the publication principles of disseminating the industrial information and committing to providing the outstanding service, it offers the engineering solutions, the latest industry trends and other market supply and demand information for the numerous end-users who need the building electrical technologies, intelligent building systems and building energy-saving technologies, design and research institutes, system integrators, the power sectors, universities, engineering units, product distributors and manufacturer. In this way, it can promote the wide application and development of China intelligent building and electrical technology. Since it had been founded in 1994, it has already established the closely and friendly cooperation with many companies in this industry through participating in the national electrical building professional exhibitions, conferences and all academic and product exchange activities. At present, one of the largest portal website ( in Chinese building electrical industry is an online and offline interactive communication platform of this publication. With the help of deep integration of advantageous resources, create a brand new model that integrates the industrial portal website, search engine, the industrial media, e-Journal and forum meeting. A more comprehensive, thorough and direct promotion platform is established for the industry.