Company: UniSVR Global Information Technolog Corp.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Transmission Equipment,Display Device
Products info:cloud service, surveillance solution, remote surveillance, video surveillance, live video sharing, intelligent family, smart home
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Contact address: 3F, No. 6, Gongye E. 3rd Rd. Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu
company phone: 03-5668643
Company Introduction:
UniSVR is a software-oriented system company located in the heart of the renowned HsinChu Science Park in Taiwan.

UniSVR has dedicated many-year of RD in developing and marketing a core and unique software platform—UniArgus Network-of-Device Platform (or UA NoD Platform), from which many products have been derived and marketed.

UA NoD Platform consists of an application-level software engine and many modules with real-time multi-tasking and multi-thread processing capability so that the target application systems can fulfill the tasks as follows:
To use the universal wired Local Area Network or wireless Wi-Fi connectivity to connect and to manage large number of Devices of various types, different brands, and models.
To provide real-time information capturing (from the Devices), processing, storage and dispatching to other devices and authorized clients. (UA NoD Platform is particularly fined tuned to handle large number of live-video streams from many sources to many users).
To provide the important capability to process the event messages in real-time manner.
To provide the vital and useful management functions on clients and on Devices.
And more...

Based on the unique architecture of UA NoD Platform, UniSVR is pursuing business in two directions:
I.Mid-to-Large System Business:
This business leverages the capability of using UA NoD Platform in multi-level hierarchical structure within a private network environment for large-scale live-video-centric applications. That means a large UA NoD Platform Product can manage many mid-size UA NoD Platform Products which in turn can manage small UA NoD Platform Products.

In many real applications, IP cameras are the main network-edge devices connected and managed by a series of UA NoD Platform Products to build up a large-scale video surveillance system.

This structure provides the vital scalability and system flexibility for centralized large installations in the market segments of government, manufacturing factories, financial institutions, neighborhood security, etc. At the meanwhile, local event handling capabilities are also kept.

UniSVR’s Products for Mid-to-Large Systems:

UA NoD Platform Product Class
UniArgus CMS Software
UniArgus CVS Servers
UniArgus Express (UE) NVR

Client Products Class
Central Display Station Subsystem
Central Client Monitoring Software

NED Products Class
Walkie Talkie Alert module

II. Small System Business:
In this business domain, a unique Cloud-based Device Directory and Connection Service is combined with UA NoD Platform. This is the HermesDDS Service developed and operated by UniSVR.

In simple description, HermesDDS extends the connectivity of UA NoD Platform from private network environment to public network environment – fixed-line Internet, mobile data 3G/4G network, etc. – in an easy-to-use and secured way.

UniSVR uses the terms: Inside-net application scenario and Across-net application scenario to describe the versatile possibility of applications for users.

In order to use these capabilities, general users are required to register as HermesDDS member with a valid e-mail account and to download an easy-to-use HermesDDS AP program as the User-Interface program. UniSVR provides a member service portal – from which users can register as HermesDDS Member, download free software programs, and register the devices.

UniSVR’s Products for Small Business:

UniSVR’s Products can be divided into following classes:

UA NoD Platform Product Class.
Under this class, there are three product series. Please refer to proper web pages for more information.
UniGateway Products Class.
Under this class, there are five product series. Please also refer to proper web pages for more information.
NED Products Class.
Under this class, there are a few network-edge products developed by third party partners and sold by UniSVR.