Company: Shenzhen COBBER Information Technology Co.,LTD.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Building Intercom,Intelligent Analysis,人脸识别产品
Products info:face recognition attendance and access control device,face detection,identity authentication,face recognition video door phone
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Contact address: Shenzhen nanshan
company phone: 26738111
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Cobber Information Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2010.The headquarters is located in Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, the innovative \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Silicon Valley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\",it is a global and high integrated high-tech enterprises for face recognition technologies and products development,design,producing and service.

Cobber has invested heavily and set up joint laboratories with well-known universities, devoted to the research of face recognition technology, made significant progress on the research and algorithm of face recognition technology for more than 10 yeas.
At present,Cobber has independent intellectual property and the world leading face recognition algorithm.The company has successfully pushed off face recognition access control and time attendance devices,face recognition video door phone,20-hours face detection system,and children pick up system,as well as prision A/B door control system,armed escort personnel identity authentication system,cybercafe identity system using product and softwares.

The face recognition technology of shenzhen COBBER has found extensive applications in many fields such as banks, army,government,department of justice,resident community,school and factory formed a series of complete solutions .

Cobber adheres to th development path of\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"in-depth research,independent innovation\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".Now,Cobber has made a series of significant achievement in face recognition technology,owned an advanced face recognition algorithm with complete intellectual property rights,becomes one of the very few face algorithm owners in China.