Company: Biteer (Xiamen) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Display Device,DLP大屏幕高清显示系统
Products info:BITEER no physical gap HD DLP large screen display system
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Contact address: Torch High-tech Zone of Xiamen (Xiangan) Xiang Yue Road No. 7
company phone: 0592-5936789
Company Introduction:
BITEER is the first company in the world who masters the core technology of huge screen video coding without gap which can display the perfect image; it has the patent called Huge Screen Display System without Physical Gap (patent No. 201110136019.5) which use the HD Radio and Video coding technology with the proprietary intellectual property rights. BITEER has the ability of proprietary intellectual to research the technology of border luminance additions and corrections which can make high speed twice process for the video stream, meanwhile it has the ability to research and market the hardware of HD huge screen display system and monitoring system as well as its related software.
BITEER is constituted in the National High Technology Incubator of Xiamen by these returned students with high technology. Its technology ability is obvious and powerful.
After BITEER releasing the “Huge Screen Display System without Physical Gap” product, it received high approval from the vast projects and personal. BITEER’s innovation attracts the most users and let them to decide to buy its product. Meanwhile, in the history INFOCOMM exhibition, BITEER gets the yield unusually brilliant results, and attracts many project merchants’ eyes. There is only BITEER’s product with totally proprietary intellectual property rights. BITEER’s market team has completed 30 orders within only one year that sold product has covered in many fields such as electric power, water conservancy, public security, and civil air defense, and weather bureau, and military and huge national company and so on.