Company: CREATOR
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Public Broadcasting,Security Cables,应急指挥中心,监测中心
Products info:Programable central controller、WiFi conference system、CM modular HD system
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company phone: 020-82222388
Company Introduction:
CREATOR CORPORATION, specialized in manufacturing product lines including Multimedia Control Systems,Matrix Switchers for HD baseT CAT5 matrix, RGB/VGA/ AV, DVI&Fiber products,Professional Conference Systems ,dedicate to providing high-quality products, full services and technical support to distributors and OEM,ODM customers worldwide.CREATOR owns powerful R&D force in headquarter Guangzhou ,and three factories including SMT,Moulding and Assembly line,which as large as 10000 square meters.Oversea branch offices locate in Taiwan,Singapore,Australia,US and Dubai.CREATOR is a well-known brand in the AV market and market leader in China.Since 2002,we have established distribution network all over the world.
It gains its fame for integrating researching, developing, producing and selling.
CREATOR Multimedia Control System, Professional Matrix Switchers and Conference System are well-known in related fields with a large market share.CREATOR will focus on the innovation of AV products and to be the market leader in the world.