Company: NetPosa Technologies, Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Police Equipment,Public Security Departments
Products info:Application of Video Solutions on \"Safe City\", Video Investigation, Intelligent Transportation and other industries.
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Contact address: 26/F, BLK C, Tower 2, Wanjing SOHO, No.1 Futong AVE, Chaoyang DIST, Beijing 100102
company phone: (8610) 8232 5566
Company Introduction:
NetPosa Technologies, Ltd. is a leading digital video manufacturer in China specializing in the continuous research and development of core technology for video processing. NetPosa is committed to offering the integrated video surveillance application solutions and high-quality video storage products for industry users, carriers and enterprise users, and providing support for video applications in urban anti-terrorism and emergency response, Internet of Things, Digital City and Mobile Internet by means of the advanced video middleware technology.