Company: Instek Digital
Range Category: Video Surveillance
Products info:Security software and hardware
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company phone: +886-2-22689939
Homepage: http://
Company Introduction:
Instek Digital is a spin-off from GW Instek’s surveillance division and focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions. The company inherited over 20-years of surveillance experience. As an independent company – Instek Digital has the luxury of a strong financial background supported by GW Instek. The mother company has over 30-years of electronics R&D a manufacturing experience and listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.
Instek Digital offers a wide array video surveillance software and hardware – under the brand of Instek Digital. The core design are based on the following principles; “User-Friendliness”, “Scalability” and “Reliability”. Instek Digital’s solutions are based on an open platform – creating seamless third party integration. With this concept Instek Digital has created a business model that can meet every aspect in today’s surveillance demand. The results speak for themselves – based on small and large projects that we have deployed around the world.