Company: Verint Systems 慧锐智能系统有限公司
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Intelligent Analysis,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Hardware Equipment,Public Security Departments
Products info:Nexvita系列包括: Video Management Software 视频管理软件 Network Video Recorders 网络录像机 IP Cameras IP摄像机 Encoders & Decoders 编码器与解码器 Video Business Intelligence 视频商业情报 Surveillance Analytics 监控分析 Physical Security Management 实体安全管理
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Contact address: Suite 715-6, Level 7, Core F, Cyberport 3
company phone: 852 2797 5678
Company Introduction:
Making Big Data Actionable™

Verint (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence®
solutions and value-added services.

Our portfolio of Enterprise Intelligence Solutions™ and Security
Intelligence Solutions™ helps organizations Make Big Data
Actionable™ through the ability to capture, analyze and act on
large volumes of rich, complex and often underused information
sources — such as voice, video and unstructured text.

With Verint solutions and value-added services, organizations of
all sizes can make more timely, informed and effective decisions.
Our innovative technologies allow our customers to use intelligence
for a more accurate and complete understanding of opportunities
and challenges. And our services include expert guidance,
implementation and support to help maximize the value of their
Verint investments.

Verint(NASDAQ: VRNT)是Actionable Intelligence解决方案及增值服务领域的全球领导者。我们的解决方案能够捕捉并分析错综复杂、未获得充分利用的信息源,例如语音、视频和非结构化文本。通过这些解决方案,我们的客户可以让“大数据”具有实际价值,从而做出更明智、更有效的业务决策。