Company: FIRS Technologies(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Intelligent Analysis,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Image Analysis, Face Recognition, Intelligent Video Analysis
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company phone: 0755-83590199
Company Introduction:
Established in August 2007, FIRS TECHNOLOGIES is a national High-Technology Enterprise that provides total solutions of IOT. There is a strong team for research and development in the Company. The Company focuses on such sophisticated researches as image analysis, face recognition, intelligent video analysis, as well as IOT security applications and product development.
With “Independent Innovation” as the theme and close connection between “Technological Innovation and Industrial Application” as the aim of development, the innovations and application achievements of the Company cover several products and many kinds of industrial applications surrounding face recognition, video analysis and IOT technology. “To create ideas for videos and sense the world with ideas”, the Company is leading industrial applications to IOT Epoch.
With the business mind and value “Profession & Dedicated, make the best value for customers”, the Company not only actively promotes to serve clients and the society with new and highly sophisticated technologies, but also create a safe, harmonious and intelligent future city hand in hand.