Company: ShenZhen Anboson Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Display Device
Products info:HD Infrared Array Camera,Megapixel IP IR Dome,Array infrared camera
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Contact address: Floor7,Multi-functional building,HeBei XinWeiZai Village,BanTian,Longgang District,ShenZhen
company phone: 0755-28769605
Company Introduction:
Anboson Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City , founded in 2008 , specializing in the production, research and development infrared array camera series of high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to long-term higher-quality infrared array camera development, force "ANBOSON" playing a focus in the production of infrared array camera, high speed dome array infrared leading brand! Since its inception, adhere to the "sincere minister who see the wise see quality" as the core idea, with our sincere service to customers with stringent requirements for product quality, now customers have to feel our passion for service and highly positive Our product quality.

Anboson at 09 years of innovation, will be before all other non-array product replacement, all the power concentrated in the infrared array, and finally in 09 years 8 months successfully launch a second generation of array infrared low ball, from full Promotion Infrared Array Camera products. 2011 years 3 months, Anbo Chen once again successfully developed the third generation of dot infrared high-speed ball, and in just a few months, to illuminate the distance, the advantages of low attenuation widely recognized by customers and quickly get promotion. We win, over the past few common ordinary camera product appearance, the appearance of fine lines were launched, the market is a rare appearance of the product, and with Anbo Chen supplier partners to further close cooperation of all products will Anbo Chen appearance tailored according to our requirements. Today, our "ANBOSON" brand products more personalized.

Anboson With consistently good service attitude, innovative business ideas, self-developed core technologies and competitive products, three-year warranty commitment to quality, exquisite appearance of the product, and vigorously promote the brand to be cost-effective price advantage, we believe, Anboson will be singing all the way, walk in front of the market, making infrared array camera brand leader!