Company: Aland Jiangxi, financial security Co. Ltd.
Range Category: Burglar Alarm,Security Accessories,Security Systems Integration
Products info:Protection class Add money room door Anti tail interlock safety door lock
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company phone: 0791-88169421
Company Introduction:
Aland Jiangxi, financial security Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise based on the financial network security business, the company set research and development, production and service of manufacturing, sales, engineering, installation in one.

After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, to create a bank intelligent linkage interlocking system as the core, modern manufacturing service enterprises with ATM protection products as the leading. Products cover the bank linkage interlocking commuter door, ATM and bank note B-class door, ATM protection class, center financial network services for the financial network to provide efficient, high quality, safety and prevention services over a long period of time. ALAND brand reputation the industry, product marketing across the ALAND.

The company has advanced technology, reliable quality assurance system, perfect after sale service. Companies pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, has a number of national patents, products are detected by national testing center of the Ministry of public security.