Company: Shenzhen Saisu Technologies,Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Video Conference
Products info:IOMeeting、IOSales、IOEagle。
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Contact address: Nanshan Software Park East,Room 2007,Nanshan District Shennan Avenue 10128,Shenzhen,China
company phone: 0755-86195556
Company Introduction:
At Saisu Technologies, we focus on real time, multimedia, online collaboration. Our core technologies are in the fields of capturing, transcoding, distributing, displaying and storage of audio, video, image, text, office document and other multimedia information. Currently, we have three product lines in the market: online video conference - IOMeeting, online video support - IOSales and mobile video surveillance - Eagle. All products are cross-platform, support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. We have successfully raised fund. With Internet devices becoming cheaper and more powerful, we plan to release more high quality online multimedia product (both software and hardware) in various fields.
The era of mobile Internet has arrived. Saisu targets itself to become a technology leader in the field of mobile multimedia.