Company: dongguanshijinlinyudianxiandianlanyouxiangongsi
Range Category: Security Cables
Products info:Video cable, power cable, super five types of network lines, super class six network line, the lift line, telephone line and shielding line, line, audio line, microphone line...
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company phone: 0769-39006799
Company Introduction:
Dongguan Jin Lin feather wire and cable co., LTD., the predecessor of the dongguan humen Jin Lin feather electronics factory, founded in September 2005, is specialized is engaged in the production, sales, security of weak current cables private enterprises. Company advanced equipment, strong technical force, has a wealth of manufacturing experience, strict production quality assurance processes, is ISO9001 quality system and 3 C certification enterprises.

\\\\\\\"Dragon scale chicken feather, quality as gold - Jin Lin feather\\\\\\\" is to create the company has been pursuing the brand value, all staff in line with to the development of science and technology, to the quality strives for the survival, with credit extension market, the spirit of win benefit with management concept, in the fierce market competition, won the old and new customers the trust and support.

In recent years, companies continue to grow stronger, from the original single pay attention to the more into, mechanical equipment, process technology into training, reserve talents as the core of long-term development strategy. At present, the company has a strong sales team, ensure the quality of its services to the customers, solves the customer and the company, the difficulty of communication. The production is in line with \\\\\\\"all, all benefit from the performance of the model, the timely completion of customer orders at the same time, strictly the quality pass, fundamentally ensure the vital interests of the masses of customers. Company main product is \\\\\\\"Jin Lin feather\\\\\\\" brand video, audio, five, five line, six classes, integrated line and all kinds of electronic wire, power cords, the lift line, shielding control cable, widely used in weak current system engineering.

Looking to the future, the company will be the new and old customers hand in hand, together to meet the market economy brings the enormous challenge, mutual support and coordinated development, toward the brilliant tomorrow together!