Range Category: Video Surveillance,Transmission Equipment,Security Accessories
Products info:Multiplexer, lightning protection, anti jammer, twisted pair transmitter, transmitter
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company phone: 0755-82585920
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Company Introduction:
Shenzhen city noris Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in optical, multiplexer, twisted pair transmission, anti-jamming device, lightning protection device security peripheral equipment production, sales of high-tech companies.
The company engaged in personal, home furnishing, building intercom, fire fighting facilities, residential safety and prevention facilities of the security service. All along, the company spirit of "honesty, customer first" philosophy, the pursuit of refine on product. Company employees have more than five years work experience in their field, can provide from product consulting, product upgrades for the user, program design and after sale service;
Four operating principle is the foundation and guide the noris people's success:
Genuine goods at a fair price: trust products and fair prices for customers.
No frank and honest: on all our business with suppliers and customers law frank.
Respect for others: in the whole sale and distribution of the operation of the process, give full respect to all the people inside and outside the company.
The pursuit of quality: sell high quality products, provide the five-star service, recruit the talents, in the operation and development of Surety Company efficient
In noris, the customer is always first. Your demand is our direction.
Learning, innovation, constantly striving for excellence, it is what we can come out on top, and achieved remarkable results of success.
noris people will make unremitting efforts, to create greater glories!!