Company: Anhui Zhongfu Optoelectronics Technology Co..Ltd.
Range Category: Security Inspection & EOD
Products info:DLS-1201 liquid security instrument;CBS5030(DR+LS) channel security checkpoint
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Contact address: 5th Floor, Hefei Private Science And Technology Innovation Service Center, Huangshan Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui
company phone: 0551-65320349
Homepage: http://
Company Introduction:
Anhui Zhongfu Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. was established by the participation from government guide fund of Anhui Province. As a high-tech enterprise, Zhongfu focuses on the innovation of the safety inspection technology, industrial nondestructive testing technology, and information security technology. We have strong scientific research ability, and, proprietary intellectual property rights. Based on chief scientist, Prof. Ding Houben’s years of successful research, Zhongfu adopts the Compton scattering technique as the mainstream, synthesizes the ray transmission imaging and CT technology. We have developed products possessing the core competence such as DLS1200 series liquid security instrument and composite (DR+LS,DR+CBS,DR+LS+CBS) channel security checkpoint,etc.
“Only progress and never halt.” Zhongfu’s mean duty is to take the responsible toward the improvement of China security industry. We will always keep the faith in progressing and providing customers with superior services.