Company: Hundure Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Range Category: One Card Solution,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Security One-Card solution (access control, visitor, searching cars, attendance, meeting, patrol, etc.)
Booth Number:
Contact address: No.259, Youdong Road, Minghang District, Shanghai China
company phone: 021-54885010
Company Introduction:
HUNDURE was founded by a wealthy security industry experienced team in 1989. Adhered to the professional technical backing, HUNDURE continuously strengthen the product line, active bi-directional control of the market changes and meet customer needs immediately, providing high quality products and professional services, and actively involved in research and development to create value-added products. Accumulated more than twenty years professional experience in the security industry, “HUNDURE” became a well-known brand, its clients throughout the world, success stories abound.
HUNDURE’s products were used in 2010 Shanghai World Expo permanent buildings like Expo boulevard, Expo Culture Center, Expo Center and other more than one hundred exhibition venues. HUNDURE is also popular in enterprises, government agencies and other units such as the Central organization Department, the PLA General Hospital, Sinopec, CMCC, People's Bank of China, Fudan University, SICEC, Tianjin Binhai New Area, China Resources Power, JSBC, Beijing Hotel, Suning Appliance, Nanjing Zifeng Tower and so on.
In order to improve brand popularity and increase market share, the company established HUNDURE brand, R&D all kinds of RFID identification systems, access control systems, attendance management system, and a variety of multi-biometric identification systems. HUNDURE Synchronous development with the world, its one-card solution which contains several sub-systems like access control system, attendance management system, remote monitoring system, elevator management system, parking management system, security patrol system, dining management system, security system and identification card system and so on, is able to provide complete solutions include case planning, hardware system design, system installation and maintenance, etc. for customers.
HUNDURE continued to expand marketing base, its sales network around the world. Owned by the United States company, HUNDURE Chinese headquarters established in Shanghai 2001, and one after another in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Jinan, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places set up branches and offices agency. In order to provide the best service and detailed technical support effectively, HUNDURE also set real-time service line. In a practical attitude of integrity, rapid pace, HUNDURE cultivating the Chinese market continuously, and has become a well-known security products manufacturer. Through integrate self-developed OPC Server and other major systems, can integrate electrical, fire control, security, video surveillance system into a whole.
Since the company established, HUNDURE constantly pursuit more perfect quality in the company management, the products have passed Chinese security product testing MA certification, international product testing FCC and CE certification. Meanwhile, HUNDURE never scrimp on investment in R&D expenditures, R&D team dedicated trying their best effort to meet customer requirements and functions customer did not think of. Customers’ approval is the best feedback to HUNDURE R&D team. HUNDURE successively won the prize of high and new technology enterprise certificate, Certificate of software enterprise, and made a series of software product registration certificate and software copyright registration certificate , and it is Microsoft's long-term partner.
HUNDURE never satisfied with the status quo, and believe that today's achievements cannot guarantee the success of tomorrow, only innovation can keep sustainable development of enterprise, only doing by heart can ensure enterprise permanent development!