Company: 1st Technology Limited.Co.
Range Category: Intelligent Transportation,Police Equipment
Products info:FiT-Professional law enforcement alcohol tester、 Pocket size Fuel Cell Professional alcohol tester
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company phone: 0769-84560628-818
Company Introduction:
1st Technology Limited is a high-tech enterprise. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, fully embodies the people-oriented science and technology (People to People Technology). We promise to satisfy our customer's needs on all OEM & ODM projects. One-stop shop services provided to our customers; From I.D. rendering to 3D CAD modeling, from computer conceptual design to SLA prototyping/working samples, from tester fabrication to production, from component to final packaging.

We are the leader of alcohol testing industry, we develop the first Asia anti-drunk driving interlock system (BAIIDs) in 2005, and our BAIIDs obtained the "Hong Kong Electronic industries Association Award for new technology products “

Year 2005, we launched the Breath alcohol interlock ignition Device (Asia 1st BAIIDs),
Year 2006, we launched the world's first PDA functions with full-color touch-screen alcohol tester
Year 2007, we launched the PDA full-color Law enforcement alcohol tester (GB/T21254-2007 certificated)
Year 2008, we launched world first alcohol tester with video broadcast machine.(Patented)
Year 2009, we launched the thinnest and low power consumption sampling system and also the tester. (Patented)
Year 2010, we launched world first alcohol watch (Patented)
Year 2011, we launched interchangeable tester and printer module
Year 2012, we launched the FiT240 Law enforcement Tester, the most powerful PDA computer.
Year 2013, we launched world 1st Law enforcement Tester adapt with Android mobile phone or iPhone (Patented)
Year 2014, we will launch world 1st alcohol tester attendance machine with Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Fast innovative & Technological solutions help our customer to meet the specific needs of fast changing market and the global economic environments. Efficient resource & cooperated team spirit create the highest added value in our products and services.