Company: vister
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Display Device,Storage Devices,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform
Products info:Digital、Network、Infrared cameras、DVR、NVR、SVR、Security accessories,LCD screen connected、TV wall
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Contact address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Industrial Zone, G roof beam 5F
company phone: 0755-83106629
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen vister technology co., LTD., founded in 2004, its predecessor was founded in 1998 in South Korea vister technology co., LTD. Our company is engaged in the public security, industrial security, civilian security products research and development, according to industry users with customized system solutions, and provide comprehensive long-term agent operating and maintenance services.
At present, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary (Shenzhen JSD technology co., LTD), and sets up offices in Harbin, xinjiang, and other provinces and cities. As the pioneer of Internet of things and security industry, our company is committed to high-tech information technology applied to traditional industries, to provide standardized worldwide Intelligent security products, Intelligent Surveillance Product, hereinafter referred to as ISP) and the intelligence of customized solutions.
Our company grows stronger in recent years, and makes its own brand in the field of security in our country. Our company provide a suitable niche products with professional industry solutions to many field, such as financial, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice, education, energy, and many other industries . Company's products and solutions is widely used in China petroleum, sinopec, cnooc, the Shanghai world expo, high-speed rail, and so on .we have established a good relations of cooperation, such as: huawei haisi, TI, ADI, Seagate, Intel, Techwell, Milestone, WD, SONY, OV, Micron, Honeywell, etc., and have set up a joint laboratory. Companies adhering to the "people first, service first, brand first" business principles, wholeheartedly committed to intelligent security high-tech fields in our country, strive to in the field of public safety in our country and the wisdom to make great contributions to urban construction.
Solemnly promise: not high price, but high quality. We provide users with first-class engineering quality and performance reliable products, at the same time ,we will deal with many field for users, such as security, fire control, light-current project consulting, design, establish the examination and approval, inspection and other professional matters.