Company: Artec Group
Range Category: Intelligent Analysis,Security Accessories,Security Systems Integration,Hardware Equipment,Public Security Departments,Access Control
Products info:The main product Broadway 3D Face Recognition system offers recognition on-the-move, high accuracy and convenience-in-use, ready for real-life deployment. It features very fast recognition (~1-2 seconds), fastest enrollment – 2 sec, works with big databas
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Contact address: 125 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California
company phone: 35226091301
Company Introduction:
Artec Group specializes in research and development of innovative 3D face recognition products. It holds 14 years' experience in the field of biometric identification and has several international patents.
Artec ID's a manufacturer of 3D-facial software and camera. The main product Broadway 3D offers recognition on-the-move, high accuracy and convenience-in-use.