Company: Shenzhen TDNS Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: One Card Solution,Smart Home,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Hardware Equipment
Products info:Access control system、Vehicle identification system、Bio-identification system
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Contact address: 6B-8,South area,Hubei Building,No.9003,Binhe Road,Futian district,Shenzhen
company phone: 0755-83578278/83578279
Company Introduction:
The core business of Shenzhen TDNS Technology Co., Ltd is as agent for the sale of domestic and foreign well-known recognition technology application products and systems, provide professionals solutions in the field of recognition and vehicle identification and gradually become covers identification technology application in the field of information security and logistics identification. Our goal is to promote the world\\\'s most advanced recognition technology as the direction, to provide the most suitable solution to the customers as own duty, to build the most stable network channel as the way.
The Shenzhen security expo we will hand in hand with Shanghai UTIS intelligent technology co., LTD., to offer and share identification technology application in the field of security to everybody.