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our new homepage has been released for a very special occasion, since BONOWI has turned 25 on october 23. 2012. We would like to use this opportunity to thank the most important persons to our company: You, our customers! The dialogue, the purchase and use of our products has enabled our growth and development.

What started 25 years ago with BONOWI RMS (Rettungs-Mehrzweck-Einsatzstock) has been developed consistently throughout the years and made us market leader for Police equipment in Germany and several adjacent countries. The exceptional quality, combined with advantages in operational tactics has carried our name even to countries outside of Europe, so that we were able to equip, among others, the Police forces of China, Afghanistan, Arabian Emirates and Ecuador last year.

Despite our core competence being batons, BONOWI offers a wide variety of products and services. We develop, for instance, modern handcuffs and body protection, which are used throughout the european police and military units. The development of our self inflating ballistic sheet sets a benchmark (patent pending). A less known fact is, that we have developed a variety of ultramodern electronic equipment for the Bundeswehr (german armed forces) that will be used abroad in 2013.

Today, we develop and produce our products in Mainz with a team of 22 employees, as well as in cooperation with many external companies from all over the world.

Simultaneously, the BONOWI training program has always been updated to meet the needs of modern Police. The BONOWI EKA (Einsatzstock-kurz-ausziehbar/short telescope baton)Â three step concept training is used, not only by almost all german states, but also other Police units of european and non-european countries.