Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Smart Home,Video Conference,Transmission Equipment,Display Device,Storage Devices,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
Products info:P2P IP Cameras
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Contact address: No. 468,Binhai 3Rd,Hangzhouwan industrial District,Ningbo,China
company phone: 057463937718
Company Introduction:
Through vertical integration with other HENTEK Group companies,Hentek is able to offer a board range of dive~ified products,services and technologies in the area of:
• Network Camera
• Network Zoom Camera
• P2P Network Camera

• Analog Camera

• System Integration

Unique Selling Points
*We're a leading Complete HD Surveillance Solutions Provider that has been offering high-quality products for 5 years. We offer various types of network cameras to meet the diverse requirements from the ever changing market.

*Our network cameras are GS-TUV, CE, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, FCC, CCC listed and are processing in UL approval.

*Each of our network cameras undergoes 12 rigorous QC evaluations. We test every lens, chip and finished camera, including age testing at 40�� for 48 hours. And as an added assurance, we back our network cameras with 2-year warranties.

*Over 40 R&D engineers work continuously for 5 years to create Megapixel and HDTV network cameras, which keep us always 2 weeks faster to delivery new network cameras than our competitors, and customized samples in just 10 days.

*Our network cameras intergrate top-notch imaging sensors and advanced DSPs from USA, Japan and South Korea.