Company: Beijing Sinonet Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Storage Devices,Integrated Management Platform,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:High-Definition Night Vision Camera, Mixed Network Video Recorder, Visual Smart Earth Engine, Smart City Central Management System, Safe City Central Management System, Intelligent Transport Comprehensive Management System, Military facility safety thing
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company phone: 010-58286000
Company Introduction:
BEIJING SINONET SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (SINONET) was founded in October 1997 with a registered capital of $8.32 Million (50.01Million RMB). It is a result from restructuring of the Engineering Company of CEAC (China Electronic Appliance Corporation). CEAC use to be a subordinate company under the Ministry of Electronic Industry’s governing. SINONET is the only State-level high-tech enterprise who has seven Class A Qualifications in the industry of China information system integration. Our company is the first one of enterprises in Beijing Software and Information Services Industry who was got the honor—“四个一批”. We are also the “十百千” Industry in the national independent innovation demonstration area of Zhong guancun. Zhong guancun Science and Technology Park supports us as the key enterprises who are aiming for a listing.
After 15 years’ rapidly developing, SINONET has become the advanced supplier and integration service provider in the Smart City, Safe City, ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and homeland security fields of China. SINONET has independent research and development capacity, proprietary intellectual property rights and end-to-end and integration solutions of independent brand products.
SINONET has always been on the road of independent innovation, it keeps an increasing input in supporting research and development, and holds many products with core technologies and advanced solutions. Now, we have own-brand SINONET®, FIAMM ®, B&W® and B&O®, Ultra Low Lux and Ultra Wide Dynamic which all have proprietary intellectual property rights, High-Definition Night Vision Camera, Mixed Network Video Recorder, m2m Gateway, Visual Smart Earth Engine, Smart City Central Management System, Safe City Central Management System, Intelligent Transport Comprehensive Management System, The physical protection of nuclear power station integrated system platform, Military facility safety thing networking application platform etc. Our own core technologies have reached the international advanced level, including ULLS (Ultra Low-Light Sensitivity), 3 A(Auto Focus, Auto white balance, Auto exposure)image processing technology, 3 D digital noise reduction technology, intelligent identification and behavior analysis algorithm etc.
We are the Top 10 enterprises in China Computer Information System Integration Industry, one of the most influential brands in China City Intelligent Transportation Industry, Electronic Police Industry and Traffic control platform in 2011. We are the Top 10 enterprises in China Intelligent Industry and Security Industry, in 2010. Furthermore, the company has won the titles of “100 company with the most vitality”, “LuBan Award” for the projects’ quality, “Quality and trustworthy enterprise in Beijing”, “Gazelle technology enterprise” for being focused on supporting, and the company received an A++ rating by Zhong guancun Enterprises Credit Promotion Association.
Since the establishment of the company, SINONET has already been the agents of more than 1200 system integration projects. The passing rate of project acceptance was well maintained at 100%. Our products and solutions are widely used in Government, Army, Armed police, Public security, communication, transportation, financial, Petrochemical Industry, coal, Nuclear power plants and so on. We have won credibility by advanced solutions,high-quality products and excellent service in government,army and high-end customers of this industry. SINONET is well-known for its honesty and high quality. Our projects have won national project quality highest honorary award frequently– the "Luban Award", “The Great Wall Award” (Top Honor Prize of construction project quality in Beijing), “Mount Huang Award” (Top Honor Prize of construction project quality in Anhui Province), and “Huang guo tree Award” (Top Honor Prize of construction project quality in Guizhou Province). Our company is the one of enterprises who has the most one-hundred-million-level projects in the business.
At the same time of carrying the essence of Chinese traditional culture, we are building the company’s “New business philosophy”. We value the idea of solidifying the foundation before building the dream; we follow the principle of training a decent person before training a decent employee. We put virtue before talent and determined to build a team, and a culture of honor. At present, there are over 500 employees in our company, in which more than 32% are experts or medium or high-level professionals, more than 95% are graduate and above. The company also cultivated a group of high-quality production and operations management personnel, including 12 constructors and 2 Electric Design engineers at level one, 11 senior project manager and 22 project manager in computer information system integration area, and 3 experts in intelligent building field.
SINONET always puts customers in the first priority. We will uphold the "integrity of attitude, good technology, and go