Company: Foshan City police security technology development limited company
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Chip-level Solutions
Products info:the video review of networking alarm system、the variable-frequency mutual shoot grating、the variable-frequency mutual shoot light wall、anti-theft host、infrared detector
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company phone: 0757-88020688
Company Introduction:
Foshan ANJING technology development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ANJIANG technology) is one has the completely independent research and development ability and the production capacity of the high-tech enterprise, is also the biggest domestic high-end security alarm system and video products manufacturers and suppliers. Foshan city, guangdong province in have their own production base, the formation of research, development, manufacture and sales of pattern excellent enterprise. Products and solutions are protected millions of government organs, public utilities, enterprise unit, the business institutions, factories and family's safety. AnJing technology of the independent brand "ANJING", already famous domestic and foreign markets, anti-theft alarm, video is the symbol of the product cost performance.

Continuous innovation, win on the high end

ANJING technology (ANJING) in the "continuous innovation, win in high-end" philosophy of development, since the company was founded, with the strong development technology, solid continued launch innovative products, have made a number of national patent and copyright software independent intellectual property rights. Create a lot of first: the first "free " networking system, pioneering alarm video review large platform, double nets video networking system first, pioneering intelligent identification system software, pioneering double the variable-frequency mutual shoot grating, the only industry in the first free from the influence of ambient temperature detector, all of the image processing technology, keep out technology, etc. We networking alarm system of independent development and application, China's high-end answering alarm technology promotion to the international advanced level, have really realized from the "made in China" to "create in China" transformation.
ANJIANG technology (ANJING) a series of high-end security technology breakthrough, break the monopoly of the international brand for a long time, for Chinese users with a high ratio of performance and security products, domestic and international well-known enterprises to establish a strategic partner relationship.

Leading technology, excellent quality

ANJIANG technology (ANJING) always perform "leading technology, excellent quality" the quality policy, from r&d, manufacturing, sales and service, raw material purchase, set out a plan with ISO standards, exquisite craft, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strict quality management system and strict quality testing standards, realize the product quality and service the first-class , . The company management system and product has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TUV, tell TLC, national defense communications network equipment net at home and abroad such as licensing authentication; And won the "Chinese security product well-known brand", "the security ten ethnic brand", "China security ten brand", "the most popular security brand", "China's top 50 security industry" , peace urban construction to recommend a brand", for six years get the "Chinese security national brand of guard against theft first" title !

Rich products, Project flexible

ANGING technology (ANJING) focus on security products in the fields of development and application, with the security products of more than twenty series and three hundred type , and the products cover video review answeing alarm system, "free" answering alarm center system, anti-theft alarm host, patent frequency conversion mutual shoot infrared grating, infrared/microwave detector, hd video camera and peripheral equipment, stable security system, image processing and transmission management system, is the industry products series is the complete manufacturers.
In recent years, ANJIANG company implementation "the high-end product" strategy, make the China civilian users to enjoy to high cost-effective products. At the same time, I company after many years accumulation, have a mature project management mechanism and strong project operation ability, offer many of the perfect solution. Widely used in public security 110 answering alarm center, private networking network alarm centers, bank, organs, enterprises, electric power, shops, household, etc.
Our management idea is "Leading technology, excellent quality, take honestly as this, customer first, harmonious win-win". We're willing to make greater efforts, China security industry for revival and peace, peace and the national home city and the world to make the contribution.

Company advantage

Technical advantage: ANGJING technology has been the technical personnel to the continuous training and inline NO1 product development as the key to improve competitiveness. Company in business in the process of rapid growth, in order to solve the market on professional and technical personnel more scarce difficulties, every year's personnel training funds and built all kinds of