Company: Changzhou OPLUS Communication Device CO.,LTD
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Video Conference,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Managed Industrial grade POE Fiber switch(1-24 Port), Industrial grade POE Fiber switch(1-24 port), High definition Fiber Optic Transceiver(HD/3G SDI,HDMI。VGA), Digital Fiber Optic Transceiver(Video,Audio,RS485/232/422,CAN,tel,ethernet)
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Contact address: Room 352,building C, Science and Technology Park Building 2,Xinbei District ,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province
company phone: 0519-86109603
Company Introduction:
Changzhou OPLUS Communication Device Co.,Ltd is a global provider of fiber optic transmission equipment. We design, manufacture and sell. We commit to integrate our technologies and our market leading position to service traffic control, police, utility, and security industries. Focus on customer’s requirements coupled with customized solutions and rapid delivery give OPLUScom customer unparalleled value-added solutions.
Dedication to our customers’ requirements is the way we do business at OPLUScom. We cooperate with your designers and share your goals to provide cutting edge products and solutions in optical transmission,HD video transmission & compression, audio transmission,IP transmission etc., while reducing costs, increasing profits, and improving performance for the end-users.
Products With its independent and creative R&D capability and customer-oriented and market-driven strategy, OPLUScom is capable of developing and producing market-leading, first-class technologies according to the international specifications. OPLUScom uses this expertise to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers around the world.