Company: SPACE Inc
Range Category: Video Surveillance
Products info:CCTV、FA LENS (3.6\5 megapixel lenses for machine vision and 2\3.6 megapixel motorized zoom lenses)
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company phone: 021-62275181
Company Introduction:
SPACE inc. is a dedicated manufacturing company for CCTV lenses founded in 1984. All processes, from designing to processing (polishing, coring, coating, processing of metallic parts, mold building, printed circuit board mounting and product assembly) are carried out in-house, in a fully integrated environment

SPACE inc. offers approximately 170 types of lenses; for example, megapixel day and night lenses for IP cameras, day and night varifocal lenses for commodity facilities, super telephoto motorized zoom lenses for national border monitoring, motorized zoom lenses for car number recognition, motorized zoom lenses for street surveillance, 5 megapixel lenses for machine vision and 3.6 megapixel motorized zoom lenses.