Range Category: Police Equipment,Security Inspection & EOD
Products info:bulletproof/stab-resistant vest, bulletproof vest, stab-resistant vest, bomb suppression blanket, bulletproof plate, bulletproof shield, cut-resistant gloves and bulletproof helmet etc
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Contact address: 599 Liuyuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai China.
company phone: +862166275333
Company Introduction:
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. was established in 1998. We are a new and high technology enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing and selling high quality polymers material and security manufactured product.
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. has four categories of products:
1. Cable Compound;
2. UHMWPE fiber and UD composite;
3. UHMWPE fiber security product, such as bulletproof/stab-resistant vest, bulletproof vest, stab-resistant vest, bomb suppression blanket, bulletproof plate, bulletproof shield, cut-resistant gloves and bulletproof helmet etc;
4. Carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheet and composite (manufactured by wholly-owned subsidiary - Shanghai Surrey Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.)
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. headquartered in No. 599 Liuyuan Road, Taopu Xinyang Industry Zone, Putuo District, Shanghai, China. It occupies more than 55,000 m2 standard workshops. To the end of 2012, our company has 480 employees including over 50 R & D and technical personnels.
The wholly-owned subsidiary - Shanghai Surrey Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. located in No. 389 Weiba Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China (Fine chemical industry zone - the second industry zone), it occupies an area of more than 240,000 m2, and it specializes in producing various specifications carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheet and composite.
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. has almost hundreds of patents and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and was continuously identified as “Shanghai New-high technology corporation” by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. carries out standardized management according to “People oriented, System management and Procedure operation” management principles and ensure company operation and company product are all under ISO9001:2008 QS control coverage. We possess a complete set of test apparatus for strict test and inspection to ensure the material purchase, process control, and sales of finished products in order to provide our customers best quality product and service.
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. achieved many science and technology awards during years of development in the process of growth. We are identified as “Shanghai New-high Technology Corporation” by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission for years. In August 2005, our “Tracking Resistant PE Sheathing Compound for ADSS cables” and “PVC cable compound of RoHS Compliant” acquired Shanghai high-tech outcome transformation project A grade certificate and Shanghai key new product certificate in 2008. We acquired “Putuo Self-innovation quality goods” in 2006. We also acquired Shanghai small and medium-sized enterprises “Brand Enterprise” and “Brand Product “ issued by Shanghai small and medium-sized enterprise brand construction promotion in 2007. In 2008 we were rated as “Shanghai Scientific Small Giant Training Enterprise”, and “RoHS Compliant Thermoplastic TPU Cable Compound SR6002、SR6003、SR6005” and “RoHS Heat-resistant Complex Elastomer Cable Compound” both achieved Shanghai high-tech outcome transformation item B grade, C grade certificate etc.
We achieved awards of “Million RMB Tax Enterprise” from Shanghai Putuo government during 2004-2006 three years. In 2007, we achieved “Ten Million RMB Tax Enterprise” from Shanghai Putuo government, and we achieved “Yangpu Scientific and Technological Innovation-oriented Enterprise”, “Yangpu Top Ten Private Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise” and “Observe Contracts and Keeping Promises Unit” etc.
We also achieved “The Top Ten most competitive enterprise of annual China optical devices, auxiliary equipment and raw materials” issued by China Optical Communications Special Community and China Communication Association Communication lines special Community in 2007, and achieved ”2007 Putuo Certified Enterprise Technology Center” issuing by Shanghai Putuo Economic Committee, Bureau of Finance and Tax Bureau.
Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. will actively meet the challenges and persist in the principle of relying on technological development, making sustainable innovation, persist in the quality policy of fulfilling one’s duty, sustainable innovation, straining every nerve and serving customers. Keep on the business principle of honest and trustworthy, quality first, good service and mutual benefit on best growing potential and develop continuously strategy planning.
We will set up a complete innovation system, keep the innovational style of “inside echo with outside”, build production, learning, R&D cooperation developing platform, widen R&D thoughts, continuously research and development new products. To serve China's defense industry, aerospace industry, military police protection, electric wire, electric cable and optical fiber cable industry, building and construction industry etc with superior products and services. To build Surrey Brand to be famous in China and even well-known and excellent brand around the whole world, make Surrey Hi-Tech Inc. Ltd stronger, larger, more stable and longer.