Company: Shenzhen TIRIS Technology Co. Ltd
Range Category: One Card Solution
Products info:Embedded Parking System
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company phone: 86-0755-83129280
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Shenzhen TIRIS Technology Co. Ltd, as the world’s first solutions provider of the embedded parking system, we will strive for the win-win cooperation, sharing of the brand new embedded parking technology, and sharing of the enormous commercial value with an open-minded attitude and a brand new 3S cooperation pattern.
Shenzhen TIRIS Technology Co. Ltd has always been adhering to the core values of “Stability determines the value”. It attaches great importance to embedded technology innovation and after-sales service and it commits to the research, development, production and sale of the cutting-edge embedded parking system.
Shenzhen TIRIS Technology Co. Ltd is willing to work with industry colleagues to promote the development of embedded parking technology, make the system operation more simple, make its performance more stable, improve the overall image of the industry and achieve the win-win situation based on the user.