Company: Nanjing zhengu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Security Accessories,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:electronic fence/Vibration of cable/explosion-proof products/LED light/ Camera/ visitors machine
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company phone: 051385208866
E-mail: 169555666@QQ.COM
Company Introduction:
Nanjing zhengu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2006, mainly engaged in R & D, security cameras and perimeter alarm equipment production and sales. We already received all kinds of product testing report, explosion proof product certification, production license, two engineering construction qualification, 10 new cutting-edge products honor certificate, safe city recommended brand, ISO9001, China Quality Miles, trademark, Shanghai Security Association, Director of the Nanjing Security Association and more than 10 invention patent certificate. We R&D and product a full range of infrared camera, network HD cameras, Monitoring of high-speed ball, Video interference, electronic fence, Tension type electronic fence, Vibration of cable, explosion-proof products, LED light, wall vibration alarm system, visitors machine and so on.