Company: Shenzhen Shield Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Police Equipment,Public Security Departments
Products info:Shield security intelligent fingerprint bullet cabinet is a human fingerprint identification as a means of identity authentication, set out, lead bullet bullet management system, keeping it can realize remote application, examination and approval, record
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Contact address: Riverside Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Aidi Building , No. 5003 , East Wing, 1801
company phone: 0755-83558049、83795021
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Shield Security Technology Co., Ltd., was established in the original merger Shenzhen Huaxing office supplies Co., Ltd. basis. For more than a decade in the bullet cabinet, safe, file cabinet confidentiality production; our products have covered the whole country, more than 500 companies and Huarun million, rainbow, Bao year old, the new one better, Gome, Suning, river gold seahorse, Huawei, Foxconn supermarket and Large Firm to establish a good business relationship. After the company colleagues to work together, our high-quality products, perfect sales network, high-quality customer service service the company won the majority of customers trust and support.
On the basis of our company in the public security department under the guidance of the leadership, control technology using biometric technology and network, the independent research and development with independent intellectual property rights, bullet cabinet management system using computer software, fingerprint identification, digital control, network technology and database and other advanced technology, won three national patents; and by the first Ministry of public security certification, through the Ministry of public security expert group review, has been highly praised and unanimously recommended and application.
As the leader of a new generation of intelligent bullet cabinet project, Drafting Division I participate in the GA1501-2013 of guns and ammunition for the safe industry standard. Smart bullet cabinet we produced by using the current similar products at home and abroad the latest materials, the most advanced design and manufacturing process, can not only enhance the management level of police bullets, meet the National Police bullets on management innovation, safety, efficient work requirements, but also will cause the police bullet management innovation and progress. As the main drafter of industry standards, we in the army, police and Hebei police station in the city of Langfang 149, fifteen cities and counties branch made typical promotion; all have been very well received in the trial in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hebei and other provinces and cities, and has made the use of promotion plan at.
The Ministry of public security of new smart bullet cabinet standard has been promulgated and included in the Ministry of public security 210 key projects and the 12th Five Year Plan, 935 planning; in strengthening the police with science and technology trend, push the bullet management this revolutionary reform, our company all staff will strain every nerve, Pinbo forging ahead, and make new contributions!