Company: Shenzhen ShenDianXunAn Electronic Co.,Ltd
Range Category: One Card Solution
Products info:door access controller \ door access reader \ parking guidance system \ parking management system
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company phone: 0755-33821101
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Shenzhen ShenDianXunAn Electronic Co.,Ltd is committed to door access system development, production and sales of professional manufacturers, is a registered trademark of the “ShenDianXunAn”holder. Our company has 5 door access professional persons who worked in door access industry over 20 years, can answer customer’s problem and provide the technical support.Our company product line has covered the door access system, TCP/IP parking system, regional guidance system, intelligent parking guidance system, reverse seeking car system etc. Door access system include: building intercom door access module, integrated door access, RS485 network door access controller, TCP/IP door access controller, video door access system, internet door access controller and patents have been achieved.