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Products info:Card lock, intelligent entrance guard, many integrated controller, elevator controller, parking lot system, etc.
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Xiamen kad intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a professional \"access card\" system provider, the company was founded in 2006, with production of intelligent buildings, intelligent locks, smart CARDS and other products to start a startup and fast growing industry one of the representative enterprises. Kad since its inception, has never stopped the pace of the \"pursuit\", adhering to the \"never stop\" development concept, from the first 8000 yuan of money, first employee to join, the first lock industry networking card type one, the first set of parking lot on duty free PC charge management system, the first to the most simple type made a networking entrance guard system, etc., kad man through a lot of from the most basic elements of the first products and industry. Since its inception, in the field of entrance guard, development of smart card lock series of networking, power cut line alarm, access control smart card carved yards wear-resisting technology more is the first industry, etc. Kad people at the same time, in the spirit of unremitting pursuit and breakthrough research and development of the intelligent parking lot into more PC on duty free charge management system, TCP/IP digital network communication management and the new system USES methods. Looking forward to the future, kad will continue to keep learning and innovators in the first point of view, adhere to the \"self development, independent innovation\" development ideas, to \"create the world's leading security enterprise\" as the goal, contributing to the global security industry more power.

Currently, kad overall advantage in addition to the capacity of independent research and development, production, marketing as one of the integrity health enterprise, has nearly 10 years of precipitation in the entrance guard industry and industry scale advantages, and has from the entrance guard card products such as, access control, attendance, parking, elevator controller products completely independent intellectual property rights of the advantages of these systems make it a complete multi-purpose card system, to meet customers growing one-stop purchasing and one-stop solution requirements. Kad also have affordable access to production cost management advantages, the advantage of high-end brand operation mode, which is the foundation of enterprises increasingly fierce competition to win, maximize create employees play its value is absolutely environment, better customer service to give back to society. Our goal is to work, \"in a more reasonable price cost, for enterprise employees, enterprise customers realize the maximization of the value of enterprise customers the most satisfied\".

Honesty, cooperation, development, kad people open their mind, welcome the domestic and foreign customers and colleague's warm embrace; Kad person with serious and responsible attitude, with the domestic and foreign customers and peer friendship and cooperation; Kad people work with their own passion and professionalism to provide you with a full range of services, for your enterprise development to add a little kad people's passion.

Cohesion passion, let us together look forward to ride the waves in the world kad, create brilliant!