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Products info:Intelligent home furnishing control intelligent parking management system of digital building visual intercom system
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Sumworth Technology (China) Co., Ltd. is located in a long history of Fujian, the capital city of Fuzhou. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Fujian province science and Technology Department, has a large number of advanced detection equipment, automated production lines and a number of pragmatic and dedicated staff, is a product R & D and production enterprises engaged in the earlier building intelligent system. Venture company always adhere to the quality first, service first, the user first business philosophy, to market leading, technology and innovation as the driving force, we specializes in product development, and have achieved good performance in the market. In the face of remarkable achievements, Jiabao person does not satisfy, still maintained a positive attitude, pioneering and enterprising is Jiabao technology never dried blood.
In product R & D, Jiabao technology continue to be security products do a good job, but also innovation introduced intelligent home furnishing system. Intelligent home furnishing system created by the company, the platform using the integrated wiring technology for family housing, security technology, automatic control technology, audio technology, fashion and convenient coexisting network communication technology, the home furnishing life miscellaneous electrical equipment organically integrated, so as to realize the appliance control automation, home furnishing dynamic control, information exchange barrier free harmonious home furnishing life. Intelligent home furnishing system Jiabao technology because of its simple operation, flexible control mode by reputation, are exported all over the country, leading the intelligent home furnishing market, become a major bright spot, many product line.
The quality of the products, the company always adhere to the quality, service, the enterprise core value heavy benefit view; strict quality control system, with multiple quality inspection process, each piece of product to customers without quality care. In 2003, the company passed the ISO90001 international system of certification, and in strict accordance with the system requirements of the operation; the same year, Jiabao technology as security chief representative industry in digital Fujian demonstration report, be highly appreciated and recognized by the provincial and municipal leaders, by the China Association for science and technology in Fujian Province Science and Technology Association, awarded the \"star enterprise technology\".
Sumworth technology is a gathering of high-quality talents of science and technology R & D team, a number of products the company independent research and development of security products obtained national patent and national innovation fund, Jiabao technology products is the embodiment of wisdom and sweat crystallization of high-quality talent.
To create an outstanding national brand, this is we Jiabao goals; to provide better products and services for the majority of users, this is we Jiabao responsibility; people-oriented science and technology, Jiabao to create a safe, this is our service tenet of jiabao. We believe that through the joint efforts of all our staff, our products will do what little one can to help China peace; Jiabao technology will bring the innovation enterprise security road more broad, for the transformation of power China manufacturing to technology country.
Step as boundless as the sea and sky! We believe, with perseverance and creativity Jiabao people, Jiabao technology will be in the security field create FAI; China security industry will rise, our country will rise!