Company: Shenzhen Aimty Electronics Co., Ltd
Range Category: Building Intercom,One Card Solution,Smart Home,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:industrial electrical plug lock, stainless magnetic lock, stainless waterproof touch switch, security power supply, channel controller
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Contact address: 3rd floor, Building 31#, Tiegang East Road, Xixiang, Baoan, Shenzhen.
company phone: 0755-29707801
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Amy Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to create a safe and convenient environment for users in the field of multifunctional access card; the products are developed by experienced experts. Aimty not only produce high-end system security products which are suitable for the top security needs, but also produces products of independent small system suited to low budget; we have a lot of customers in the fields of bio pharmaceutical factories, refineries, prison, biochemistry laboratory, military industry, government departments and commercial institutions.
Our company operates under the standards of ISO9001; Aimty products meet the various international and GB standards. Industrial electronic lock, stainless steel switch, controller, security power supply and other products have passed CE, FCC certification, and RoHS compliant.
Our company will try the best to meet strict requirements of large-scale access system, moderate price and high stability, and provide timely and effective technical support for users, and we also serve on products secondary development; at the same time it will also keep price advantage for products.