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Products info:Global buyers looking for quality hardware including hand tools, screws, locks, plumbing fixtures, building materials, furniture hardware and even niche products from Taiwan must read CENS Hardware, another informative buyer guide that puts Taiwan’s hardw
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The Taiwan-based China Economic News Service (CENS), an affiliate of the United Daily News Group, one of Taiwan’s largest newspaper conglomerates, was founded on June 1,1974 and has been dedicated to the promotion of international trade with Taiwan. CENS integrates reliable sources to offer unparalleled coverage of Taiwan’s export products.

• CENS publications- Our trade magazines, such as CENS Lighting, Taiwan Machinery, CENS Hardware, CENS Furniture, and Taiwan Transportation Equipment Guide (TTG)… are popular among buyers from around the world. Besides the print editions, we have tactical CD-ROMs and provide easy access to our online database.
• Trade-related services- Currently, CENS acts as a sales agent in Taiwan for many noted international trade fairs and trade magazines. In addition, we organize domestic manufacturer groups to attend foreign exhibitions.
• Gives Internet users a shortcut to a wealth of business information and competitive Taiwanese manufacturers.