Company: Shenzhen Nanze Electronics Co.,Ltd
Range Category: One Card Solution,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Research Institutions
Products info:Intelligent parking equipment, high-speed road gate, access control systems, electronic Patrol System
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company phone: 0755-26998085
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Shenzhen Nanze Electronic Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development, the field of security products production, sales and service as one of the. Company has strong technical strength, gathered a group of senior professional scientific research personnel, to provide professional design, project planning and implementation, product construction, technical training, all in one service. Uphold cohesion sincere, intelligence, integration of resources, create a hundred years of management theory, own brand \\\\\\\"D DAY,\\\\\\\" Magnice Nanze \\\\\\\"wheat resistant\\\\\\\". Introduced intelligent parking equipment, access control attendance, electronic Patrol smart card products, fully embodies the \\\\\\\"one card in hand, the convenience of smooth operator\\\\\\\". Company\\\\\\\'s products with its superior performance, has been widely applied to the Intelligent Building, factory, school, government, transportation, railways and other areas.