Company: Target Technologgy (Sshenzhen) Co., LTD
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Intelligent- Eye video management system and safety belt intelligent detection system
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Contact address: Room 19-B, building A, CIC International Business Center, No.1061 Xiang Mei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
company phone: 0755-33200191
Company Introduction:
Target Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. is a Sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise co-founded by American senior video technique experts, Top experts in video industry, and domestic business operation experts,headquartered in Shenzhen, with a R&D base located in Chengdu, it’s one of the Shenzhen government approved enterprises entered in Shenzhen International Innovation Park.
Target’s core technical team has decades of experiences on research and development in video & image areas. The company has a number of patent s in video coding and video&picture analysis, Its products are widely used in the Internet (mobile), business, family, education, transportation, public security, military etc,; Benefited from the Internationalization within the team Target Technology as always drives the technology orientation towards the latest, and has obtained a revolutionary achievement in the areas of e-commerce, online advertising .
core technology mainly includes: 1) Video compression technology; 2) GPU video processing technology; 3) Scalable video coding technology; 4) Cloud-based intelligent analysis technology.
Target’s main products includes: Intelligent-Eye video management system and safety belt intelligent detection system. Intelligent-Eye video system provides perfect video monitoring experiences in mobile & computer client, and meanwhile offers intelligent analysis services including people counting, customer flow analysis, video essence, etc,; which enhance business operation efficiency for customers. Safety belt intelligent detection system uses toll-gate pictures to detect whether vehicle drivers fasten seat belt with more than 95.5% accuracy rate.