Company: Beijing Wintone Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Security Accessories,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Wintone Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera
Booth Number: 2002
Contact address: 6th Floor, CETC TaiJi Information Industrial Park Tower B, No.7 Rongda Rd. Chaoyang Beijing, China
company phone: 87422364
Company Introduction:
Wintone is the world’s leading developer and provider of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies and products in different fields. Through a long-term cooperation with Tsinghua University, TsingHua-OCR (TH-OCR) technology, as the key technology research results of the “863 high-tech plan”, has successfully applied in the different industrial production by Wintone, which truly accomplished a perfect combination between TH-OCR technology and the application of market.