Company: Shenzhen Aoution Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Burglar Alarm,One Card Solution,Smart Home,Security Accessories,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:remote control,RF remote control,transceiver modules,receiver module,Remote control switch, remote control socket,Electric door remote control、home security remote control, alarm remote control, car\'s remote control
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Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Aoution Technology Co.,Ltd
is a professional import and export company established in the forefront of China\'s reform and opening up - Shenzhen,Shenzhen as the center,it operates in the global,Take intelligent products as the core, Import and export a variety of intelligent high-tech products around the world.Has its own historic of electronics manufacturing factory and motor productionfactory in China.The main products for home automation products and parts, industrial intelligence products and accessories, security intelligence products and accessories; Home automation products and industrial intelligence products alrady has a considerable reputation and influence in the country,we can provide users with a set of smart home, electric windows, industrial intelligence solutions and attractive products;

Now products of company are divided into six series: product accessories: all kinds of high-frequency RF wireless remote control((including wireless metal remote control, learning code universal remote control, power remote control, home security remote control, alarm remote control, car\'s remote control , etc.), all kinds of high-frequency wireless transceiver modules (including high-frequency transmitter head, super-regenerative receiver module, superheterodyne receiver module, with decoding receiver module, learning code receiver modules, etc.)

2.Smart home products: including electric curtains, electric drying rack, remote control light switches, voice switches, touch switches, remote control socket, regular socket, hot water circulation control system, remote control doorbell, power door locks;

3.the security intelligence products: includes the ;video doorbell, video intercom, video surveillance, electric car alarm, motorcycle anti-theft alarm, vehicle anti-theft alarm, home burglar alarm

4.Smart windows and doors Products: electric retractable door remote control, electric road gate remote control, electric shutter door remote control, electric garage door remote control, automatic door openers (glass door sensors, remote control), door remote control, sliding door remote control,etc

5.Intelligent Parking series: including smart access gates motors, Barrier, ballot boxes, Bluetooth card reader, Bluetooth smart card, smart wireless APP system, WIFI system, charging system;

6.Electric windows motor series: including electric rolling door motor, tubular motor, dedicated garage door motor, motor barrier, parking lock motor, swing motor, sliding door motor, automatic door motor (glass door sensors, motors), the elevator door open motor cross DC motor, brushless motor, stepper motor, electric car motors ,etc

The company is committed to building a domestic and large family of intelligent products include electrical, electronic, hardware, systems integration, large-scale research and development, production, marketing platform, and large industrial intelligence platform; provide people with convenient, beautiful, intelligent fashion life;

Our company We have many professional talent and strong technical strength,Adhering to the concept of Management ideas \"pragmatic, innovative, efficient and united,, customers at home and abroad are warm welcome.

The company can according to each customer product design requirements, make a comprehensive good product hardware and software design, development and customized services.
advancing Win-Win cooperation are welcome