Company: Xiamen minwang Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Urban Intelligent Parking platform, Video Advertising Gate, In-Road Parking software platform, License Plate Recognition System
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company phone: 18060996588
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Xiamen Minwang Technology Co., Ltd. is the city\'s smart parking service provider, the first video advertising gate operator. the initiator of China\'s urban intelligent parking standardization research base,People\'s Hope is a national high-tech enterprise, a small giant leading enterprise, and a dual-soft enterprise. People hope to build urban smart parking by refactoring the industry\'s ecology, realize the smart management of parking resources for the government, realize smart services for car owners, realize smart operation and maintenance for the market operators, and realize smart value-added for the industry; The industry ecology of long-term, self-employed, and long-term win-win.