Company: Zhejiang Wellcom Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Intelligent Analysis,Police Equipment,生物识别
Products info: fingerprint reader,
Booth Number: 5231
Contact address: Add: 4F-B3 North Building, Hai Chuang Base, 368 Liuhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou Zhejiang China Postcode: 310053
company phone: 0571-28352004
Company Introduction:
Zhejiang Wellcom Technology Co., Ltd. formerly named as Zhejiang Wellcom Biometrics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, with its headquarter in high-tech Industrial Developmemt Zone of Hangzhou. It has set up four subsidiary companies, three business divisions, ten functional departments and many local offices all over the country. As a supplier of core technology, product and solution, Wellcom has become the leading enterprise in the biometric identification industry after fourteen years.
At all times, Wellcom has devoted itself to research of biometric product and solution with fingerprint identification technology and vein identification technology as core technology. The company owns two nationally important products; gains more than 20 patents and gets more then 10 high-tech results.
All products of Wellcom have been widely used in fields like finance, transport, telecommunication, E-government, etc. They fall into two types, namely, information security products and security products. The former includes: bank teller ID authentication products, driving training school products, fingerprint scanner, fingerprint reader, fingerprint UKEY, fingerprint mouse, fingerprint USB drive, fingerprint network management system; the latter includes fingerprint module, fingerprint access control, fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint locks, fingerprint cabinet, etc. All of these products own independent intellectual property rights entirely and now have been widely used in banks, army, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, to name just a few.
Wellcom adheres to the cooperation strategy “integration of resources and sharing of the value”, combining the best application practices of the identity authentication and information protection in all industries, thus providing a broad “win-win cooperation” platform for the world’s agents and dealers.